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Home Garden Visits

Home Garden Visits:


  • A one-hour information sharing session held at your property.

  • Two Landcare volunteers visiting your home.

  • Complimentary “Home Garden Visit” pack.

  • Key topics: Common weeds and indigenous plants, rabbit information, garden design, water wise initiatives, information on Landcare.

  • 10 free indigenous plants from Barb Martin Bushbank.


Who is eligible for a Home Visit?

Phillip Island Landcare members and potential members. You may sign up on the day.


If you’re interested in a Home Garden Visit please contact Leela on 0413 991 911 or Bev on 0409 188 306 or email

Media release June 2021

Home Garden Visits

Phillip Island Landcare in partnership with Westernport Water is excited to present the Home Garden Visits program.  The program aims to educate Phillip Island urban residents and visitors on sustainable gardening practices through Landcare volunteers visiting your home. 

Phillip Island Landcare previously managed The Urban Landcare Program including garden visits to new members from 2005 to 2015. After a break of around five years, Phillip Island Landcare Group President, David Rooks commented,  “We’re delighted to be offering this worthy program to the Island community once again. To have volunteers interested in sustainable gardens and freely share their passion and knowledge to those hungry for that information is a great outcome.”

At the one-hour visit, two volunteers will share their sustainable gardening knowledge and recommend beneficial resources. As a recipient of the program, you can get tips on using water wise indigenous plants, water wise gardening, removing rabbits as a pest, the Phillip Island Landcare Group and other general garden design tips. In return all you have to offer is a cuppa for the volunteers. You will receive a Home Garden Visit show bag with a range of useful resources and a voucher for 10 complimentary plants from Barb Martin Bushbank.

The program is available to existing Landcare members and potential members who can sign up on the day.  Landcare annual membership is $15 for students, $25 for singles and $35 for families.  Membership benefits include a voucher for 20 indigenous plants from the Barb Martin Bushbank, quarterly newsletter, invitation to our Landcare activities and the knowledge you are supporting a community group looking after the land.

Phillip Island Landcare would like to thank Westernport Water for funding this project through their community support program.  If you’re interested in a Home Garden Visit, please contact Leela 0413 991 911 or Bev 0409 188 306 or email  Further information on all Phillip Island Landcare activities can be found on our new website

Left: A recent visit by Leela and David to Gary and Karon Morton included more than just a cup of tea.  They were offered a bacon and egg roll, with cheese, spinach leaves, mayo and tomato sauce on a sourdough roll.  It was amazing and we invite anyone registered for a Home Garden Visit to the challenge of surpassing this offer.

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