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Life Members

Nominations for life membership


12 years cumulative service in an official capacity (ie committee member or project person)

Or outstanding service to the group over a reasonable period


Nomination process

1.   Nominations are open up to three months prior to the next AGM

2.   Nominations must be submitted in writing, and discuss how criteria is met. Only financial members can nominate.

3.   Nominations must be seconded by a current financial member

4. Sub-committee reviews the application. Sub-committee consists of two life members and a committee member.

5.   Sub-committee takes their recommendation to the full committee

6.   Certificate and an appropriate gift presented at AGM or another appropriate occasion

7.   Name added to club honour board.

8.   Entitled to free membership

Life membership can be revoked.

We introduced our first group of life members at our December AGM and 30th birthday celebration in 2017:

Mike Cleeland

Bob and Anne Davie

Mick and Mary O’Keeffe

Bett Robertson

David Plant

Greg Price

Jim McFee

Gimi Stoppa

Ian McFee

Mike Cleeland: 

Mike was appointed to the position of Environment Officer for Phillip Island Landcare in 1989. His unique combination of deep local knowledge of the Island and strong educational background as a Science teacher allowed him to help get Landcare off to a flying start in those early days. He has since served terms as President and Secretary of PILG, and was recently Chairman of the Bass Coast Landcare Network. 

Bett Robertson:

Bett has been an early adopter of Landcare

practices on The Island. One of the first people

to go completely off grid with her power supply

from as early as the 1980s, Bett was tireless

in her efforts on control of gorze , thistles

and other weeds on her property, as well as

salinity control through tree planting and

drainage. She also served inspirational terms

as Secretary and as President of PILG.

Bob and Anne Davie:

Bob and Anne have been stalwarts of

Landcare since its inception. Always willing

to experiment with new ideas, the Davie family

have enthusiastically converted their property

into a model farm which has been the subject of

many tours and field days over the years. The

extensive revegetation of their farm has resulted

in significant gains in pasture production and salinity control.

Jim McFee:

Jim was one of Phillip Island’s few remaining dairy farmers for many years, and has always emphasised the value of livestock shelter for increased milk production. Jim has been active on the PILG committee including serving a term as President. A significant initiative during Jim’s term was his vision to create a Corridor across the Island from the KCC to the Penguin Reserve, a project that has since become a flagship for Phillip Island Landcare.


Ian McFee:

Ian has been an active contributor and committee member during the early days of PILG. The revegetation of his farm at Rhyll transformed the property, and his work as a contractor on several major weed infestations including gorse at McKenzie Rd and Boxthorn at McHaffies have made a significant contribution to local weed control, one of Landcare’s key objectives. 


Mick and Mary O’Keeffe:

Mick and Mary played important roles in setting Phillip Island Landcare on a firm financial and administrative footing. In addition to serving terms as President and Treasurer, Mary oversaw a comprehensive review of the Constitution, which has been our guiding document since that time. During his term as Treasurer Mick instituted the practice of recording Retained Earnings, as well as other prudent financial measures which have led to our group enjoying a stable financial history. 


David Plant:

David was one of the people centrally responsible for the original formation of the Phillip Island Landcare Group. He contributed to the process of obtaining the funding to employ the first Environment Officer, and led by example with revegetation on his property at Forrest Caves.


Greg Price:

Greg played an active role in the formation of Phillip Island Landcare, including terms spent as President and Secretary. He was closely involved in the process of obtaining funding to employ the first Environment Officer, served on the Victorian State Landcare Council, and carried out significant revegetation and salinity control on his family property.


Gimi Stoppa:

Gimi was propagating and planting his own trees well before Landcare began on the Island. He has always been passionate about trees, and the work he put into planting and fencing trees on his farm has served as an inspiration to many other members.

Life members cutting cake at 30th celebration of landcare

Past Presidents

We thank all our committee members and other volunteers since we began. A list of our past presidents is below: 

1989 Peter Forrest

1990 Peter Forrest

1991 Greg Price

1992 Greg Price

1993 Bett Robertson

1994 Bett Robertson

1995 Peter Royce

1996 Peter Royce

1997 Peter Royce

1998 Peter Royce

1999 Anne Davie

2000 Anne Davie

2001 Mary O’Keeffe

2002 Mary O’Keeffe

2003 Mike Cleeland

2004 Mike Cleeland

2005 Mike Cleeland

2006 Peter Huthwaite

2007 Peter Huthwaite

2008 Peter Huthwaite

2009 Peter Huthwaite

2010 Bill Cleeland

2011 Bill Cleeland

2012 Ewen Cameron

2013 Ewen Cameron

2014 Mike Cleeland

2015 Mike Cleeland

2016 Mike Cleeland

2017 David Rooks

2018 David Rooks

2019 David Rooks

2020 David Rooks

2021 David Rooks

2022 David Rooks

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