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Storage Shed

Our fantastic storage shed is located at the Koala Conservation Centre next to Barb Martin Bushbank. 

If you need access, the following persons have keys: David Rooks, Bev and Charles Watson, Bill Cleeland, Richie Davie, Brett Brown.

Planting & Exhibiting Trailer

We were fortunate to be gifted our caravan in 2018 by the Sunshine Rotary Group.  We are most grateful for their donation. The trailer has a kitchenette and large storage area inside.  We are happy to lend the trailer out to groups that would like to use it.



We have membership signs we hope you will proudly display at your home/farm. We have three sizes: farm gate size, house size and letter box size.  They are free with your membership.  Please contact us if you would like a membership sign.

Weed Signs

We have weed signs that educate people of our most noxious weeds on the Island.  The signs are corflute, 600mm wide x 900mm high and show a large image of the weed.   Please contact us if you have a location to display one or more of these signs.

Hamilton Tree Planters

We have around 10 Hamilton Tree Planters. They are purpose designed to dig holes  for tube stock to be planted. We lend out our Tree Planters. Just contact us if you'd like one.

Drill Bit

We have a drill bit designed to dig a hole the right size for planting tube stock.  The drill bit is used when the ground is too hard for the tree planters.  

Guards and Stakes

We have stocks of new and used guards and stakes.  Some designed for stopping rabbits, some designed for stopping rabbits and wallabies.  We can help out with small quantities.

Saltwater Creek with tree reflections on water

Saltwater Creek, Phillip Island

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