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Our Purpose

Our Mission Statement

To encourage sustainable agricultural land-use, business practices and lifestyles,

and promote the conservation and restoration of native biodiversity on Phillip Island and throughout Victoria.


Our Vision

We seek to foster a healthy informed community working together to sustain a resilient, productive and biodiverse landscape on Phillip Island and beyond.  


Our Values


  • Sustainability – making sure the social, economic and environmental needs of our community are met and kept healthy for future generations.

  • Biodiversity and natural ecosystems – including the need to protect and restore them.

  • Respect – for each other and the diversity of views and interests in the community.

  • Co-operation – working together to find solutions, without focus on blame or shame.

  • Community empowerment – sharing knowledge, skills and networks to build community capacity.

  • Youth – fostering youth participation.

  • Reconciliation – building mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and other Australians and working together to find solutions in the best interest of all.

  • Accountability – open and transparent processes of accountability to the community.

  • Our identity – as the Phillip Island Landcare Group and an integral part of the Bass Coast Landcare Network.

Our Priority Objectives

They are listed in no particular order.


  1. Promote activities that develop healthy soils and best practice vegetation management to improve agricultural productivity

  2. Encourage, educate and support the community to reduce its environmental footprint

  3. Protect, enhance and restore indigenous biodiversity

  4. Engage new and existing members and the wider community to our programs

  5. Foster best practice Pest Plant and Animal management

  6. Develop positive relationships and build capacity to deliver our vision

From these objectives we have identified actions and specific activities. The full Action Plan document can be viewed below.

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