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We are excited about our new website, launched in June 2021. We see it as an interactive tool and invite anyone to submit interesting articles, images, stories, etc for publication. Please send to our email:

 Our website investment includes; domain name $93 for 5 years, Wix business basic package $360 annually, premium package to better manage online payments $175 annually, a trained volunteer Wix user.

We are also intending to use our website as a storage facility, housing all our records.

Click on the PDF to show brochure and view options: print, download.

Group Brochure

Information on our group, membership benefits and what activities we do.

Waterwise Indigenous Plants of Phillip Island

This is a wonderful publication that lists all the waterwise indigenous plants of our Island.  Most of these plants are available at the Barb Martin Bush Bank.

Urban Rabbit Control - bunnies by gone

Helpful tips and strategies to rid bunnies from your urban home.

Common Weeds of Gippsland

A list of the common weeds of Gippsland.  Includes Images and how to get rid of them.

Indigenous plants of Bass Coast

A list of indigenous plants of Bass Coast.  Includes Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC's) or planting classes.

Guide on re-vegetation practices

Our groups guide on how best to re-vegetate areas on Phillip Island

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