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Native Flora of Millowl

Author: Mitch Burrows

Illustrated by: Tegan Carter

The Field Guide to the Native Flora of Millowl (Phillip Island), by Mitch Burrows, is the first comprehensive guide to all native flora of Phillip Island. All illustrations, by Tegan Carter, are hand-drawn. 

The retail price is $40. PILG is excited about the book and is supporting its distribution by offering $15 off when purchasing or renewing your membership.

In a recent Advertiser article Mitch spoke of the additional stories in the book. "A few community members have written stories about their experiences with plants, which adds a human element,"

Mitch "hope[s] people who don't necessarily have an interest in plants pick it up. I hope it will help people be more aware of the plants around them so they can help those plants thrive."

Tegan spoke about how "this work has led [her] to all corners of the island. It has made me observe and appreciate the environment more than just going for a walk. There's so much diversity here, even in a patch of grass."

This book can be used to help identify plants on Phillip Island, or as a guide when you're choosing plants for your garden.

When you purchase this book 50% of all profits go to the Bunurong Land Council.

Native flora of Millowl
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