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Native Flora of Millowl

Author: Mitch Burrows

Illustrated by: Tegan Carter

The Field Guide to the Native Flora of Millowl (Phillip Island), by Mitch Burrows, is the first comprehensive guide to all the native flora of Phillip Island. All illustrations, by Tegan Carter, are hand-drawn. 

This book is an exciting and important step in the journey of revegetating Millowl (Phillip Island).

When purchasing this book with a Phillip Island Landcare membership you will receive $15 off. This option is available when purchasing or renewing your membership.

This book can be used to help identify plants on Phillip Island, or as a guide when you're choosing plants for your garden.

When you purchase this book 50% of all profits go to the Bunurong Land Council.

Native flora of Millowl

Price guide:

Field Guide to the Native Flora of Millowl (Phillip Island) $40.00 retail.


Family membership $35 

Family membership and book $60.00


Single membership $25  

Single membership and book 50.00

Collecting your book:

Books can be picked up from 457 Ventnor Rd, Ventnor VIC 3922 or drop off can be arranged.

Contact David at or David will be in contact soon to arrange.

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