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Phillip Island's Coastcare Blitz

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In October 2020 The Phillip Island Landcare Group were delighted to hear the news of a successful Coastcare Action Grant. The Projects long title is Phillip Island Coastcare Blitz - Collaboration, engagement,training & action.


This project brings together and supports five Coast Action groups across Phillip Island in collaboration with two separate landholders, Phillip Island Nature Parks and the Bass Coast Shire Council.


The Landcare Group supports the smaller coastcare groups through project management, volunteer support and resources, such as the groups’ planting trailer.  


Each group will hold their own ‘on ground works’ session, including re veg, weed control and rabbit control.   In addition, we are holding three important events that tie into the group sessions, our famous Bunny Boiler to launch the project, a mid term training session to further connect our groups and we finish with a workshop that focuses on success and failures from the project. 

Media Release June 2021


There are wonderful volunteers who put many hours into the managing and maintenance of our coast that are not in the public eye.  Wonderful locals who understand the importance of protecting and maintaining the coastal areas that we enjoy on a daily basis.  It is these groups that work in the shadows that we celebrate with the funding from Coastcare, a State Government body and organised by Phillip Island Landcare Group.


When it comes to protecting our natural environment, Phillip Island’s coastal groups have a wealth of knowledge to share and inspire to aid in maintaining these precious areas and during the month of July there will be a full month of activities to be involved in. 

Meet and learn from our amazing groups who have a wealth of knowledge to share with the community to help understand local flora and fauna, pests and invasive weeds.

An open invitation is extended to the community to join in and continue the great work that has been set in motion by the coastal groups.

Key dates below to be put on your calendar.


Friday 2nd July Bunny Boiler Dinner Event. Postponed due to covid, new date is Wednesday 1st December 2021.

Sunday 11th:  Planting day, Red Rocks / Saltwater Creek Coastcare Group

Friday 16th: Planting day, Ventnor Coast Action Group. Postponed due to covid, new date is Friday July 30th.

Sunday 18th: Rabbit education, Surf Beach Sunderland Bay Coastcare Group

Saturday 24th: Planting day, Silverleaves Conservation Association. Postponed due to covid, new date is Saturday 6th of November.

Saturday 31st: Planting day, Cape Woolamai Coast Action Group

All day events start at 9.30am.  For further details and to RSVP contact Carolyn Atherton on 0433 284 148 or

Living on Phillip Island is a privilege and a luxury with its outstanding coastline, beautiful beaches and abundance of wildlife, that brings joy and pleasure to our daily lives.  –  we would love for you to get involved  -  as a community we cannot take this treasure for granted.

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