Island Bush Care
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Local trees for global change

The Island Bush Care program provides an opportunity for you to have direct impact in revegetating Phillip Island. In partnership with Phillip Island Landcare Group, indigenous trees will be purchased and planted on selected land. As an Island Bush Carer, the contribution you make goes towards purchase of trees and reduces your impact on the environment.

Island Bush Carers

a plant a day program

Luxe Isle Clothing Store - 2021

voluntary carbon offset program

Leonard and Associates Solicitors - 2021

San Remo Pre School - 2021


Island Bush Carer Kelly (front middle) from Luxe Isle clothing store and volunteers at a 2021 planting at Heather (far right) Davidson's farm.

Program Information

As an Island Carer there are three ways you can make a difference. Your contribution could be 'a tree a day', 'a tree a week', or another option of your choice. For example, as a business, your choice may be a portion of every item or service provided by your business. Each plant is costed at $3, this includes an indigenous plant from Barb-Martin Bushbank, a rabbit guard and two stakes.

In August 2021, our first Island Bush Carer, Kelly Solohub, took the pledge and committed to 'a tree a day' for one year.

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Images from Kelly Solohub's 'a tree a day' planting event


Sharing the good news

Your contribution will be recognized by Phillip Island Landcare Group and the wider community through a number of initiatives:

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To get involved sign up below:

As an Island Bush Carer, whichever package you choose, the form below must be completed. Furthermore, if you choose either the 'a plant a day' or 'a plant a week' package, payment will be part of the signup process and you will receive a confirmation of payment and letter.

Common questions are answered in our Q & A section at the end of the page. Should you have any further queries please contact Bhavani Rooks on 057 148 921.

Island Bush Care Form
Fill out to become an Island Bush Carer

If your option was pledging 'my own choice', we will contact you shortly to discuss the details. Please click the continue button below to submit this form. This will end your process and you do not need to proceed any further.


1- Who can become an Island Bush Carer?


Any individual, community group, or business from Phillip Island or San Remo.

2- Where will my trees be planted?

We have many rural landholder members who are keen to revegetate and create wildlife corridors on their property.  We also plant on public land however we need permission first from the landholder/manager.

3- Can I claim a tax deduction?

We can supply a tax invoice with GST.  

4- When will my trees be planted?

To give plants the best opportunity of survival we plant from May through to August, avoiding the need to water and allowing them to become established during the winter months.


5- When can I sign up?

You can sign up any time of the year. We place a plant order at the Barb-Martin Bushbank each November. If you register after this date it's likely your planting will happen in the coming winter. However, your planting may be pushed back to the following winter should plant stock be unavailable.

6 - How do I make payment?

You make payment online when you register for the 'a plant a day' and 'a plant a week' programs. If you pledge 'my own choice' we will be in contact to discuss the amount and payment. You can pay via credit card or PayPal.  Bank transfer is also an option at:

BSB: 633 000

Account Number: 144 585 106  

7. Is this a Government endorsed carbon credits program? 

No, this is a voluntary program. If you wish to participate in a government-endorsed program consider using an Australian company such as Green Fleet or Carbon Neutral.


If you feel a connection to the local landscape stick with us, get your hands dirty and get plants in the ground on Phillip island.