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Bass Coast Shire has developed the 2018 biolinks plan (attached below). The purpose of this plan is to provide connectivity in the landscape by linking remnant patches of indigenous vegetation using biolinks or wildlife corridors. Biolinks restore ecological connectivity and encourage the movement of wildlife, allowing for genetic flow in breeding populations. Council aims to introduce connectivity in the landscape to improve the capacity for native plants and animals to adapt to predicted climatic change impacts. “Wildlife corridors are connections across the landscape that link up areas of habitat. They support natural processes that occur in a healthy environment, including the movement of species to find resources, such as food and water” Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

The Bass Coast Landcare network has the contract to deliver the biolinks project.

Funding is available in the area of fencing, plants, and guards. 

Should your land connect to or be apart of the biolinks as per the map below and you wish to make enquires please contact Jye Anderson on 0407 529 706 or email 

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