Wildlife Corridors

The purpose of wildlife corridors is to join fragmented habitats together and to connect pockets of remnant vegetation. This allows the wildlife living in these areas to increase their movement between pockets and improve genetic diversity.

Landcare has been working to create and improve wildlife corridors on Phillip Island for over 30 years.

Below is a map of wildlife corridors our Landcare Group is trying to establish as of 2007.

Bass Coast Shire released Biodiversity Biolinks Plan 2018 that aims to improve wildlife corridors across the whole shire.

Bass Coast Landcare Network have been engaged to project manage the Biolinks contract from 2021-2023.

Details for landholders interested in participating in the biolinks scheme are below.


Items/activities that can be funded through the program:


  • Provision of indigenous plants and guards

  • Weed control and site preparation relevant to planting project

  • Planting support

  • Fencing contribution


The projects will be internally prioritised by the Bass Coast Landcare Network team and then selected projects will be presented to Bass Coast Shire Council for approval.

Prioritisation will be based off the following principles:


  • Alignment with Biolinks Plan

  • Ecological Value (waterway protection, remnant vegetation inclusion, coastal erosion project etc.)

  • Width & size of project (the wider the better)

  • Economic value

  • Co-funding opportunities

  • Suitable projects must be at least 15m wide.


If anyone has projects that they think may be suitable for funding contact:

Jye Andersen

NRM Project Coordinator

Bass Coast Landcare Network

0407 529 706

5678 2335


In June 2021, Phillip Island Landcare Group supported a planting on Kim Plant's site. This property links to the wildlife corridor along Forest Caves. This property has been listed as a potential site for a further 5,000 plants as part of Bass Coast Shire's Biolinks project.

The image below shows the success of the initial planting day.

luke overlooking the great work from san

Media Release June 2021

Plants Planting Plants


On Saturday 19th June, the Plants (Cassie, Luke and Kym) were joined by Phillip Island Landcare, Central Melbourne Rotary and friends to plant 2450 natives at our Forrest Caves property.

It was a special day for us. We got to remember Dad in a great way, with Greg Price telling of the founding of Phillip Island Landcare, with Dad (David Plant) its treasurer back in 1987. It was a great opportunity to be involved with the local community, and has been a long term goal to plant out the property. After spending so much time in Melbourne over the last 12 months during lockdown it was particularly special to be able to get back home. We have always enjoyed tree planting, planting natives with Dad as young kids, and being involved in tree planting through Newhaven College as students. After joining Landcare and since picking up the thirty free plants as a new member, we got to know David Rooks, Phillip Island Landcare’s president, and over the next year, Mum got serious with organising; applying for a tree planting grant as well as buying our own trees.


Our 20-acre property is one of five at Forrest Caves. They were split off a 100-acre block by Mum’s Grandparents (the Forrests) and were passed onto family. Mum and Dad bought our block off Granny and Grandpa (Helen Forrest and Reg Excell) in 1986. Though our place has been used for farming small numbers of sheep and cattle over the years, we have always had an environmental mind, planted out part of the property with native plants when we built, protected the sand dunes with their mutton bird rookies and love the idea of giving more back to the local wildlife.


As you drive past Forrest Caves you will be all be able to see the sea of white tree guards protecting the little trees that we’ve planted and hopefully will be able to watch them grow with us as you keep passing them in the years to come.

The next steps for our place is to apply to be part of the Bio Links project and to get funding to fill in as much of the property as we can over the next couple of years. See you next year for another planting day.


Phillip Island Landcare has further planting sessions happening this Winter.  For details please go to www.phillipislandlandcare.org.au and view our calendar of events.